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Lubo’s stationary, mobile construction and demolition processing systems have perfected the technique of material separation through the use of various automated processes. Lubo’s core products are screens (for many materials), complete C&D systems, mobile screening machines, and semi-mobile installations. Lubo StarScreens®, such as the angled sorter, ONP, and OCC separators have been integrated into Bollegraaf single stream systems and material recovery facilities around the world. The heart of Lubo’s success is in its patented stars, which are available in various sizes and materials. Lubo stars have been proven to increase process efficiency for customers throughout the industry.

Lubo USA, LLC, a sister company of VAN DYK Recycling Solutions, was founded in 1996. VAN DYK is the sole distributor for Lubo Screening and Recycling Systems.
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C&D Systems
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