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Mach Trommels

The MACH Trommels are a key component of modern recycling facilities around the world. Due to their sturdy design, they can withstand the toughest applications. Positioned strategically within a system, the MACH Trommel is a dependable and effective machine to sort various types of materials for all sorting streams (Single-Stream, Municipal Solid Waste, Construction & Demolition, etc.).

They separate material flow to the desired fraction size. The effective inside diameter and screen plate opening size will vary depending on customers’ needs and applications. Depending on the application, it may also be provided with knives inside to open the plastic bags.
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Optical Sorters Optical Sorters
3D volumetric detection depth up to 430 mm: Increased product recognition

MACH fast detection & analysis : Outstanding accuracy & capacity

Static acquisition system (no moving parts): Superior reliability & stability