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Metering Bin Feeder System

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The Green Machine® metering bin drum feeder system can be added to most recycling applications and systems to increase their system efficiency. Since it was first implemented, the Green Machine® metering bin feeder system has been recognized as the most durable and efficient system in the industry. In most cases, customers will see a throughput increase of 30 percent once the system has been implemented at the feed end of the sorting lines. The feeder system has been designed to allow for the homogeneous metered flow of materials. This eliminates the need for black belt conditions and enhances presort and screen performance in bulk handling waste recycling systems. The overall bin capacity of our metering bin feeder system ranges from 40 to 120 cubic yards. This often means that one loader is able to handle the duties of the entire plant.

Our system works by making use of corrugated steel impact walls along the feed side of the system. These walls create a push wall and help protect the system from damage. There’s very little risk of a jam or of material getting stuck on drum shafts. However, every drum system is still equipped with a rear discharge door so that any trapped waste can be discharged easily. Our innovative patent pending bag opener system is now an optional addition to our metered bin feeder system. This device will allow the system to automatically open bags without reducing the system’s throughput or disrupting its efficiency.

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Product Showcase (10)
Glass Breaker/Fines Removal System Glass Breaker/Fines Removal System
Dimensional Information:

Screen width: 36″ – 84″ Wide Screen

Screen Length: 8′ – 18′ Long

Discs: Steel star discs hardened to 500 brinnel

Spacers: Patent pend steel 500 brinnel wrap resistant disc spacers

IFO: 5/8″ x 2 ¼” to 1 ½” x 2 ½”

Shafts: 3″ square shafts with replaceable spindals
Motors: Multiple zone 5-7-½
HP TEFC energy efficient motors
Reducers: Fixed mounted with belt drives

Drives: Variable frequency drives provided by others

Shaft Sprockets: High wear with #160 chain
Angle: 0-12 degrees incline adjustment standard

Auto Lube: Automatic oiler for drive chain, solenoid drived through manifold system

Weight: Approx. 6,000 to 24,000 pounds
Supports: Optional
Chutes: Optional
Mini Polisher Separation Screens Mini Polisher Separation Screens
Dimensional Information:

Standard Deck: Surface Size 5′,6′,7′ x 141″

Standard Overall Height: 12′ 11″
Fully Lifted Height, plus support structure.
Polishing System IFO: Adjustable, standard IFO 1-1/2″ x 2-1/4″ Opening Size

Single Polishing Screen: (15) 3″ tubular seamless shafts, replicable spindles.

Special Features:

Two Zone Design: Each Zone Speed and Angle Individually Adjustable.
Composite Disc Design: 12″ long wear Split Disc Design for easy replacement.
Spacer Design: Patent Pending Wrap Resistant Split Spacer Design.

Auto Oilers: Pressurized Adjustable flow.
OCC Separation Screens OCC Separation Screens
Dimensional Information:

Available Decks: 1,2, & 3 decks of modular design
Deck Width: 60″ – 102″”

IFO: Designed to suit each application (field adjustable)
DISCS: 2.6″ Thick x 24″ Dia. finger discs with split hub design

Spacers: Patent Pending wrap resistant spacer system with split hub design
Shafts: 3″ dia.

Shaft Spindles: Removable without disturbing the shaft
Bearings: Sealed pillow block bearings

Sprockets: Hardened double-single timed sprockets
Chain: RC 120

Motor(s): 5 -7 1/2 HP TEFC energy efficient gear motor (460/3/60)
Reducer(s): Class Two Dodge reducers, antishock belt drive reducer

Frequency drives(s): Not included. Quote available upon request
Angle: Fixed @ 7 degrees

Auto-lube: Automatic oiler system for the drive chain including reservoir, solenoid, distribution manifold, copper plumbing and adjustable applicators

Paint: One(1) coat industrial primer, two (2) coats industrial enamel finish. Guards painted Safety Yellow
Discharge Chutes:
Excluded. Quote available upon request
Support Structure: Excluded. Quote available upon request
Additional Decks:
Pricing upon request
Ballistic Belt Separator Fiber Removal System Ballistic Belt Separator Fiber Removal System
Belt Width 60” / 72” / 84”

Belt Angle Adjustable From 50-65 Degrees

Belt Type Textured Rough-Top, 2 Ply Rubber

Separator Length 6’/7’/10’

Conveyor Motor 3 HP TEFC energy efficient (460/3/60), Gear-Reduced

Belt Speed 600 FPM Max, Variable Frequency Drive Provided

Belt Pressure Air @ 0.000-In. SP: 1600 CFM – Variable

Underside Air Dual High Pressure Air Bar- 100 CFM @ 125 PSI

Tons / Hour Up to 10 TPH

Discharge chute Provided

Enhancements including dust removal capabilities and additional adjust ability are already in design and ready for deployment. We recommend that any of you who are experiencing increasingly contaminated container streams to contact our sales engineers for design assistance to determine if deployment of this newly available system enhancement is a good fit for your needs.
Polisher Separation Screens Polisher Separation Screens
Dimensional Information:

Standard Deck: Surface Size 25′ x 114″
Standard Overall Height: 20′ 11″
Fully Lifted Height
Polishing System IFO: 2-1/4″ x 3-5/16″ Open Size
News System IFO: 11-3/8″ x 3-5/16″ Opening Size

Performance Information:

Single Polishing Screen: Estimated TPH 9-16 TPH Single Stream Material
Dual News, Polishing Screen Combo
: Estimated TPH 18-35 TPH Single Stream Material

Special Features:

Three Zone Design: Each Zone Speed and Angle Individually Adjustable.

Composite Disc Design:
Split Disc Design for easy replacement.
Spacer Design: Patent Pending Wrap Resistant Split Spacer Design.

Fines Removal Screen: Patent Pending Auto Articulating Deck “Optional”