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Nihot Air Separation

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With more than 750 global reference sites, Nihot Recycling Technology is the proven market leader in the supply of waste separation technologies, systems and components using controlled air.

The company’s air separation technologies reflect a superior reliability and separation efficiency. Nihot’s equipment can be utilized in a variety of applications and material streams, including municipal solid waste and recyclables, construction and demolition waste (C&D), refuse derived fuel (RDF) and biomass.

Why choose Nihot?

-Experience: More than 65 years of experience and more than 750 global reference sites

-Expertise: With systems throughout the world and knowledgeable staff, Nihot can create a custom solution for any waste stream

-Separation: Nihot delivers separation efficiency of 99%

-Innovation: A dedicated team of experts committed to advancing Nihot’s product line

Unique Characteristics and Advantages

Each piece of air separation equipment or system from Nihot offers a distinct competitive advantage, such as the Windshifter’s proven operational reliability or the Drum Separator’s high capacity. These benefits result in some predictable results, including:

-A Fast Return on Investment
-Low Operating Costs
-High Reliability
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Air Separation
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