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Spray-on Bedliners

A Perma-Coat bedliner is ideal for any pickup truck.

Whether you use your truck for work, light hauling or just for fun, a Perma-Coat liner will increase its value and protect your investment.

Perma-Coat linings bond directly to the truck bed to form a permanent, watertight/airtight barrier against rust and corrosion. Water can't seep under the lining, and there's no loss of cargo space.

-Resistant to fuels, fertilizers, most corrosive chemicals
-Tough, industrial-grade protection
-Tolerates temperature extremes without cracking or warping
-UC resistant
-Cushions cargo, reduces slippage
-Increases NADA/Bluebook resale value

Plus, Perma-Coat is the only sprayed-on bedliner to offer on-the-spot custom color matching. We'll spray your truck any way you'd like.
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Spray-On Bedliners
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