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285 Shorland Drive
Walton, Kentucky 41094
United States
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Established in 2003, STEINERT US is the North American headquarters of Steinert Elektromagnetbau GmbH, the global leader in separation technology solutions for the scrap, waste, recycling, and mining industries. The company manufactures a complete line of magnetic and sensor-sorting equipment and full solutions designed to separate and recover a wide range of materials. Driven by innovation and focused on customer satisfaction, Steinert combines 125 years of superior technical expertise with world-class customer service to deliver the most reliable machinery in the industry.

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UniSort BlackEye
STEINERT’S UniSort BlackEye offers the possibility to efficiently recover recyclates from ..
UniSort Flake
Reclaiming pure secondary raw materials without contaminants is a complex task. Achieving high-value..
12-13-2016 03:44PM - STEINERT closes the gap in ASR recycling
12-02-2016 12:49PM - Report: IFAT 2016
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